Tea Party Patriots of Beeville
Mission Statement:  Educate to preserve the ideals of freedom as outlined in the United States Constitution.

The cornerstones of American Freedom:
Fiscal Responsibility - Limited Government - Free Market- Transparency in Government
Tea Party Patriots of Beeville will offer scholarships to two Bee County 2014 seniors. Competitors will be required to submit an essay on the constitution and it's relevance in today's world.  We feel this will be a good way to begin reaching our young people, the future of our country.  If you would like to donate to this scholarship fund, please send your donation to Tea Party Patriots of Beeville, 238 CR 327, George West, Tx 78022.
Tea Party Patriots of Beeville join with the King Street Patriots of Houston in their "True the Vote" initiative.  

Is voter fraud a serious problem in America?
Let’s look at where we are today, and how we got here.

Read the article "The Road to Rigged Elections".
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Read the Constitution 

Constitution of the United States

Everyone should read the US Constitution to know the founding principles and guidelines for the government of America. If you understand the Constitution, you will see more clearly how the politicians are ignoring what they have sworn an oath to uphold.

Read the Constitution >> http://www.teaparty911.com/info/read_us_constitution.htm
Tea Party Patriots of Beeville,Texas 
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   Tea Party Patriots of Beeville

      Monthly Meeting at Beeville Public Library
           1st Tuesday of each Month

     Next meeting is May 6, 2014 - 6pm

    Video series - "Truth be Tolled"

Register to take the Hillsdale College US Constitution 101  Course Study - a 10 week course.  Do it at your own leisure online.  Go here to take the course: